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Title: Class of 1983 Challenge to other BFA Alumni/Classes
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Class of 1983 Challenge to other BFA Alumni/Classes:

ALICIA SHANKS MEMORIAL FUNDRAISER/DONATIONS - as you may or may not have heard, our 4th grade teacher was killed in 2006 while at Essex Elementary School, setting up her classroom at the end of August.

 2008 is actually the 25 year reunion year for the Class of '83 from BFA Fairfax, where many of the 60 graduates in 1983 had Mrs. Shanks as our 4th grade teacher (1974-1975 school year). We are planning to collect donations from classmates attending the reunion to be held at the end of June in order to make a presentation to to the Fund from the Class of '83. 

We would like to challenge other BFA alumni and students to raise money for this scholarship for the month of June.  Even if you're not a BFA graduate, we would appreciate any and all contributions!  Our class was fortunate to have caring, dedicated, talented teachers.  Please donate to this scholarship in memory of Alicia Shanks and all the great teachers we have been fortunate to have!

MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIPS In memory of Essex Elementary School teacher Alicia Shanks: SCHOLARSHIP: An endowed scholarship fund to assist college juniors and seniors who have demonstrated the capacity to become passionate and dedicated teachers.

The scholarship will be administered by Vermont Student Assistance Corp., and money for the scholarship will be collected by VSAC's charitable affiliate, the Vermont Scholarship Fund. VSAC, a nonprofit, handles scholarships for dozens of Vermont organizations, administering 150 scholarship programs and giving out about $5 million annually through them.
TO CONTRIBUTE: Make checks payable to The Vermont Scholarship Fund and mail to: Mary Welz, The Vermont Scholarship Fund, c/o VSAC, P.O. Box 2000, Winooski, VT 05404.