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Title: News from Montpelier 2019 Overtime
Post by: Barbara on May 24, 2019, 04:34:53 PM
Tuesday the Senate met as did many Committees of Conference. Both H. 529, the T-Bill and S. 149, the DMV bill were agreed to and signed by the conferees of both chambers Transportation committees. Wednesday the House and Senate were both in session and Floor action was fast paced in between recesses to allow for caucuses to meet and each chamber to review the otherís actions. Both Chambers took up and passed the reports on H. 529 and S.129 which brings the work of the Transportation Committee to a close.
A Roll Call was taken on S. 96, an act relating to the provision of water quality services and it passed the House 133 Ayes to 5 Nays. Six percent of the amount of Meals and Rooms Revenue allocated to the General Fund is being dedicated as a funding source for Clean Water. The Education Fund retained itís twenty-five percent of the Revenue.
The gavel finally fell Friday after long days of waiting for movement on bills that could not be resolved. The Budget and Revenue Bills were packaged and voted through to the Governor.  Another session for the record books.