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Title: Overtime News from Montpelier 2017
Post by: Barbara on May 20, 2017, 03:20:58 PM
Without fanfare the bill H58 became law Wednesday as the Governor signed it as well as several other bills.  H58, an act relating to permanent licenses for Vermont residents 66 years of age or older responds to the affected population who lost the opportunity to purchase a reduced lifetime permit at 65 due to last years action.  Last year legislation moved the permanent license purchase age to 70 and made it free. H58 allows the purchase of a permanent hunting and/or fishing license for $60 at age 60 and takes affect January 1, 2018.
What did receive fanfare was the negotiation between the Administrative and Legislative body of Vermontís government over teacherís health insurance being moved to an all state model.  Having been a member of the school board negotiating team I endorse the state providing health insurance to all the school districts in Vermont. Double digit cost increases in health insurance perpetually derail the ability to look at supporting new classroom initiatives, supplies or awards to exceptional teacher teams.  With this offered at the state level local districts would be able to negotiate the aspects of the teaching contract that make each unique rather than health care which is common to all.
The property tax yield bill, H509 and the Budget, H 518 were brought to the floor and passed late Thursday night but the Governor announced his intent to veto these bills. Flickers of optimism recurred throughout Wednesday and Thursday that a compromise position could be found but no such event occurred. June 21 the General Assembly will reconvene to respond to the Governorís forcasted action. In the weeks between it is hoped a resolution will be crafted that all can endorse.