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Title: the legislature
Post by: Carolyn Branagan on January 08, 2005, 10:00:58 PM

The first  week of the legislature  flew by. It  was mainly ceremony  with the House members getting sworn in on Wednesday and the Governor and statewide officers on Thursday.  If  you  want a copy of the Gov.'s speech,  let   me know.

The first woman Speaker of the House in more than 50 years was elected on Wednesday!   Gaye Symington of Jericho was sworn in with her 3 children at her side.  Quite moving.

The best part  of the week was on Friday when committee assignments were announced. I am  very pleased to be assigned to the Ways and Means  Committee. This is one of the 2 most powerful committees, it deals with how to generate revenue to operate state government and provide state services.

Other Franklin County  legislators got  good assignments too.  Their assignments are as  follows:
Rep. Dunsmore of Georgia-Agriculture Committee
Rep. Allard  of St. A. Town-Institutions Committee
Rep. Howrigan of Fairfield-Ranking member of General Housing and Military Affairs Committee
Rep. Parent of St. A. City-Fish, Wildlife and Water Resources Committee
Rep. Keenan of St. A. City-Chair  of Commerce Committee
Rep. Lavoie of Swanton-Vice Chair of Education Committee
Rep. Winters of Swanton-Transportation Committee
Rep.McAllister of Highgate-Health and Welfare Committee
Rep.Gervais of Enosburg-Judiciary Committee
Rep.Perry of Richford-Ranking member of Appropriations Committee

Don't  forget  you  can e-mail   me anytime     cbranagan@adelphia.net
or call me at home  527-7694

Have a great  week everyone!  Wear  your seatbelts.

from your  state representative,
Rep. Carolyn Branagan

PS.  Thanks  Henry!