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Title: Victim Identified In Huntington Gorge Drowning
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Victim identified in Huntington Gorge drowning
Elizabeth Murray, Free Press Staff Writer | Updated 5m ago
RICHMOND The body of a woman who drowned at the Huntington Gorge in Richmond on Sunday evening has been recovered.

Police identified the victim as Elanie Santor, 22, of Milton. The preliminary cause of death is accidental drowning.

Crews located Santor's body at about 9:45 a.m. Monday and completed the recovery less than 20 minutes later. Her distraught family stood nearby and watched the emergency crews' efforts.

Santor and two men were walking along a ledge close to the water Sunday evening when she lost her footing and fell in, Cpl. Rick Greenough said. One of the men, Brian Maccione, also fell in.

Maccione was able to escape the strong waters of the gorge, but Santor never emerged. Greenough said Maccione tried to save Santor.

"It all happened pretty quickly," Greenough said. "I think they had literally only been in the water a couple of minutes."

Rescue workers from multiple agencies located what they believed to be Santor's body in the water. They began efforts 7 a.m., and about four swimmers walked or rappelled down onto the rocks on either side of the gorge to get a better look at the woman's location, Greenough said.