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Title: 86 Year Old Clement Thibault Of Westford Receives HS Diploma From BFA
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By WCAX News - bio | email
Vermont recognized nine of its combat veterans Thursday for their outstanding service.

The Vermont Veterans Medal honors veterans who served honorably in the United States military.
Gov. Peter Shumlin handed the medals out during a ceremony at the Statehouse. The medals are red, yellow, blue and green; the colors of the state seal.
"These awards are a token of our appreciation for the folks that have sacrificed everything for all that we get to enjoy in this country," said Shumlin, D-Vermont. "We know that Vermonters per capita have more of a contribution to those efforts to spread freedom around the world than almost any other state in America."
In addition to a distinguished service award, 86-year-old Clement Thibault of Westford was also given his high school diploma. Thibault enlisted to serve in World War II before he graduated from high school.