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Title: Class of 1967 -- 40th Class Reunion
Post by: Henry on March 24, 2007, 01:34:04 PM
To: the BFA Class of 1967 or family of:

We are  planning  our 40th Reunion.  Would like to hear from all.

A picnic is planned on the 16th of June 1PM to ?? at the home of Beverly (Ovitt) Danyow in St Albans Bay. The BFA Alumni Banquet is June 15 Friday at the school.
Please contact Barbara (Tracy) O'Toole

or write to 3258 Upper French Hill Rd.
                  Johnson, VT  05656

Members Of The Class Of 1967 Were -- Please pass the word on to any of them you might know:

Class of 1967
Baillargeon, Michael John
*Bellows, Cheryl
Bessette, Frederick Waller
Bevins, Judy Irene
Bouffard, Stephen Henry
Bouthilletle, Daniel Andre
Bouthillette, Lisette Gabrietle
Boutin, Robert Joseph
Brown, Robert George
Cherrier, Linda l,ee
Fanton, William Alien
*Flanders, Gary Lee
Hemingway, Raymond Roy
Kilburn, Albert Robert
King, Deborah Lee
King, Paula Jane
Lavallee, Ann Marie
Lavallee. Dennis William
 Minor, Mark Arthur
Ovitl, Beverly Joan
Palmer, Michael Grant
Palmer, Sandra Ann
Paradee, Rodney Eugene
Parah, Christopher Philip
Pigeon, George Emile
Pigeon, Michael Leo 
Pouliot, Suzanne Amy
Richards, Royal Ronald
Roberge. Marie Louise
Rooney, Robert Lawrence
Ruhl. Judith Anne
Shedd, Suzanne Lee
Sheltra. Linda May
Shore. Carolyn
Soule. Mary Phyllis
Talcott. Susan Carol
Thibeault. Patricia Amanda
Tracy Barbara Lydia
Webb, Martha Jane
Williams, David Earl