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Title: Knights Of Columbus Hold Their Annual Childrens Carnival & BBQ
Post by: Henry on September 11, 2011, 02:20:11 PM
The Knights Of Columbus held their annual Children's Carnival and Chicken Barbecue to benefit Sister Cecile's Mission in The Dominican Republic - They had 65 half chickens barbecued by Doug Lantagne and yielded 63 as two fell in the charcoal. By 12:45 all the chickens were sold. I took some photos of the event and am following the wishes of those that asked me not to put up photos of their children. If there are photos in this gallery you want me to take down, send me an e-mail at: vtgrandpa@yahoo.com

Just made it for a photo of the last two half chickens - Jim Groseclose & Doug Lantagne

Julie Minor & Van Lantagne eating their chicken dinners at the picnic tables

Two other families enjoy the bright sunshine & the chicken dinners

Bob Thompson selling tickets at a slow time

Guy & Pat Roberge just made a sale to Gilles Rainville, Jr.

Guy & Pat Roberge can be seen around the area with their concession - Really Good Kettle Corn

Charles & Amy Havreluk's little boy could use the nickname "Sureshot" from what I saw at the dunking booth as Ed Nuttall hopes he will go on to the next game soon

Pat Fitzgerald is in a jovial mood, but can't seem to attract any customers

Father Raj is really good at this dart game

Father Raj trying this other game now

Two of Father Raj's Altar Boys clowning around while waiting for customers

I suggested that maybe having them try to throw the bicycle tires over his head might also work

Keith Billado has a basketball star in the making here

Bill & Dot Meisenzahl were up from St. Albans to work at the Carnival

No more chicken, time to pick up after a successful BBQ

Title: Re: Knights Of Columbus Hold Their Annual Childrens Carnival & BBQ
Post by: petefitz on September 12, 2011, 07:34:00 AM
Thanks Henry for the great pictures.  The Children's Carnival looked like a lot of fun for the kids.  Thanks to the volunteers for manning the booths, especially the dunking booth!  Was it cold, Ed?

The Chicken Barbeque was a great success.  It appears that we have raised about $700 for Sister Cecile's mission in the Dominican Republic.  Thanks to the individual members of the Knights who purchased the chickens and supplies, Karen Fitzgerald for her rolls and cole slaw, Guy and Pat and Kettle Corn for their generous donation, and those who missed out on chicken but generously donated for some leftover cole slaw, rolls and cookies!. 

Title: Re: Knights Of Columbus Hold Their Annual Childrens Carnival & BBQ
Post by: mkr on September 12, 2011, 11:48:30 AM
The BBQ was delicious and that kettle corn is my favorite!