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Title: Fairfax Relays -- October 3, 2006
Post by: Henry on September 30, 2006, 05:51:29 PM
Received the following note from Rev. Elizabeth:

Perhaps the biggest sporting event here in town, the Fairfax Relays, will be held at the school on Tuesday, October 3rd.  Teams arrive around 3;  there are usually at least nine schools competing.  It is a series of relay races made of different teams (all boys, all girls, mixed) and different age levels.
Winners receive prizes of--home made cookies!    I think there will be some sort of costume contest, too.

There is a bake sale, (though I don't think maple donuts will be available. )

Parents of the runners all come together to set up the stadium, do the timing,scoring, greeting arriving teams, etc.

It is an amazing event to see/participate in.