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Title: BFA HS Girls Basketball 2010-2011 Game Highlights
Post by: Loctavious on December 13, 2010, 08:17:26 AM
Game Colchester @ BFA 12/11/10

The JV girls team has A LOT of new faces this season.  With only 2 returning players from the last season, there's a substantial amount of rawness.  With new faces comes new opportunities as Coach Banach, Gerke, and Murray continue to refine and sharpen this new squad awareness and abilities.

This 1st game vs Colchester was MORE THAN a challenge for a developing squad.... with many of Colchester's squad havign played together for multiple years.

BFA girls started out shakey but possessed the ball well and limited turnovers.  Unfortunately, the press proved to rattle them causing multiple turnovers for fastbreak points.

Silver linings:  Some fo the new faces show great promise and returning faces displayed heightened leadership and poise. 
Essentials to improve: OFF - passing, timing, movement to and away from ball DEF - containment and deny defense need improvement as well as proper and quicker response to where ball is.

Varsity to come soon.

Varsity girls started off shaky, as coach Driscoll said - "we were nervous and it showed"  After 7 straight turnovers - BFA made soem adjustments and better control of theball was attained.  The 1st qtr really hurt BFA, but they competed in 3 of the 4 qtrs to only fall by 17.

Game 2 vs Stowe 12/15/10 AT BFA

The Varsity Girls ( Stowe has no JV team) played Stowe with precision, hustle and offenisve poise.  Swarming defense made steals, Offense took advantage on the fast break and mismatches, and BFA won by almost 40 pts.  Maureen mcGuinness and Evyn Banach both had 16 pts a piece, and Megahn Bochanski had 1o pts and 16 rebounds.

Game 3 vs Milton

JV Girls, still getting into their rhythm, played better basketball, made less turnovers and played drastically better defense.  At one point in the 2nd half they came with in 6 pts of Milton but couldn't close the gap any further.  They lost by 13.

BFA started out strong in an offensive sense.  They had limited tunrovers, and capitalized on Miltons.  Defense put alot of pressure on Milton.

In the 4th qtr - BFA got a little sloppy and fell to 7 pts down with 2:52 to go.  At that point BFA could've gone either way - but the Varsity girls energized and played some stellar defense to go on a 10 point run and win the game.

Title: Re: BFA HS Girls Basketball 2010-2011 Game 4 Highlights
Post by: Loctavious on January 05, 2011, 11:00:17 AM
AT Colchester


The JV season opener vs Colchester was ... painful to say the least - with the girls unable to have any pre-season scrimmages due to weather, it was the first time to assess the players in-game abilities.  Turnovers, poor pass selections, inability to shoot, and shaky defense ran the JV's amuck - fallign by 53 pts to colchester.
the secodn meeting was different.  BFA protected the ball better, ran plays, played good defense and shaved 30 pts off their defeat to only lose by 23 pts.  Tunrovers, passign and on-court adaptability remain points to work on.


The Varsity Girls, though having trained hard to better their last performance vs Colchester, didn't play as well as they hoped.  Turnovers, denying Bochanski the interior, and solid Laker defense prevented BFA from getting into any offensive groove.  Varsity lost by 21.
Title: Re: BFA HS Girls Basketball 2010-2011 Game 5 AT Milton Highlights
Post by: Loctavious on January 05, 2011, 11:11:24 AM

The JV squad had hoped to imporve upon their first meeting with Milton's weaknesses - such as better ball control, better defense, and less turnovers.  JV started out strong scorign first and taking an early 6 point lead by 1 qrtr's end.  Unfortunately, things didn't go well after that qtr.  the JV's seemed to be satisified with the effort of the first qtr and where it got them - and weren't bringing it in the second.  Milton climbed back into the game in the second and outscored BFA 4-1 going into half.

3rd qtr saw BFA sink a little further before goign on a defense run.  Milton finished the qtr up by 4.  going into the 4th, Coach Banach rallied the JV's to go on a 6-2 run, but it fizzled out by 3:00 mins to go.  BFA battled to the end and lost by 9.


The Varsity squad knew they had an uphill battle on their hands.  Milton would not underestimate them twice, and would've prepared 3x as hard after the previosu loss.  Their hard-work proved benefitial as they caused havoc for McGuinness and passing.  Bochanski AGAIN was overplayed EVERY play - but still managed by sheer force of will to dump in a few baskets and rip a 15 rebound performance on the boards.

Despite BFA's energetic defense and hustle they fell to Milton by 24.
Title: Re: BFA HS Girls Basketball 2010-2011 Game 6 vs Peoples HOME Highlights
Post by: Loctavious on January 07, 2011, 07:59:08 AM

The JV girls have been working hard to play as a more cohesive unit on the floor on both sides of the ball.  Traditionally, defense is a strong point of the JV Girls team.  This year, it's literally their strongest point.

Game opened up with a back and forth battle - maninly due to a turnover affliction, but defense for the most part is working well.  Transitional game on offense isn't bad.  Set offense still tends to be challenging, but the point guards continue to improve their ball-handling and vison capabilities.
After a slow start BFA was in the game at half time.  Third & 4th Qtrs were battles - lots of transitional turnoves for both teams and missed easy shots.  BFA, though at their limits, held the prssue defense line, even added some with the press. 
Up 7 with 6 to go, Coach Banach subbed soem players out for a few minutes to preserve the energy in the end.  Which proved to be key as BFA withstood a late Peoples run and managed a few extra points.  winning by 9.

Varsity soon to come.