The Cherrierville School (1922-23) - Back row Left to Right - Arnold Sweeney (?), Albert Girard, Mary King (School Teacher who later married Maurice Ratte), Lorena Bennet (Married Lawrence Cherrier), Ethel McGowan (Married Percy Corey), Ed Berthiaume, Claude Bennett, Gertrude Cross and John Hillicker. Front row Left to Right - Bill Barkyoumb, Helen Barkyoumb (Married Charlie Gaboury), Luella Bennett, Lena Barkyoumb (Married Roma Lavendure), Simonde Pion, Elizabeth Patterson and Teddy Pion (lived where Walter & Diane Berthiaume now live). Students were identified by Bill Barkyoumb & Florence (Barkyoumb) Magnan. Photo is Courtesy of Rita (Howrigan) Magnan.

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