Kezer Cemetery - Fairfax, Vermont

Kezer Cemetery Kezer Cemetery is located near the Georgia Town Line behind the Rainville Farm off Route 104A. There are just a few pieces of stones left there indicating that there was a cemetery there at one time. Information as to who was buried there comes from some old cemetery cards in the Fairfax Town Clerk's Office in Fairfax, Vermont. Henry Raymond transcribed this information from Old Cemetery Cards located in the Fairfax Town Office

Name Rec.
Born Place Born
Died Place
Eunice ADAMS Stark 2344 CA 1741 29 Jan 1843
James COFFEE 773 CA 1823 30 Jan 1849
March L. COFFEE 2862 1 Jan 1860 25 Mar 1860
Polly UNKNOWN Coffee 2859 CA 1794 5 Feb 1845