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Common Name: Old St. Luke's Rectory
Owner: Leon Beliveau
Street Address: 1166 Main Street



Vermont Division for Historic Preservation Ref - 604_044_079

COMMON NAME: Old St. Luke's Rectory


2 1/2 story, 3 x 3, clapboard building w/square plan slate hip roof, and gable wing in rear.  Narrow corner pilasters rise to a frieze with simple panel detail.  Wide overhang.  Chimney on southeast pitch near peak has a corbelled cap.  The center front entrance faces Main Street and enters onto a gable entrance porch with turned posts.  There are double windows left and right of the entrance that have stained glass above large panes.  There is also a bay window on the southeast facade.  Other windows are 1/1 in surrounds with molded lip.  Each roof pitch has a triangular dormer w/diagonal criss-cross muntins.  Several other structures in Fairfax Village have similar canadian influenced design (the Ed Barkyoumb House at 20 Hunt Street and The Old Principals House at 67 Hunt Street).  This particular building was built by Meady Strait on the site of a hotel in the 19th century.


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20 Aug 1943

Maybelle C. Beeman to Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington.W.D..Being a lot of land with all buildings thereon standing, situated on the northwest corner of Main & Hunt Streets in the said village and bounded as follows......



19 Oct 1935<!-- Row 3 Column 1 -->

Charles D. Watson, Surviving Executor of the Estate of Medad B. Strait to Maybelle C. Beeman..Executors Deed...Same descreiption as above...the land conveyed contains one acre, more or less.....


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11 Sep 1906<!-- Row 4 Column 1 -->

Susan B. Sowles to Medad B. Strait..W.D..About one acre of land, more or less lying and being in Fairfax Village bounded on the easterly by the highway known as Hunt Street.....

The Old Hotel on this lot burned.

From the tax records:

1905 - Susan B. Sowles - one half acre and hotel - $500.00 1906 - Susan B. Sowles - one half acre hotel lot - $150.00

1906 Quadrennial Valuation of the town is the same as the above and is dated September 1, 1906.

1907 - Medad B. Strait - One half acre Hotel lot - 150.00 - dated June 1, 1907

1908 - Medad B. Strait - same as above - dated June 1, 1908

1909 - Medad B. Strait - One half acre hotel lot - $150.00 - dated June 1, 1909

1910 - Medad B. Strait - One half acre and home - $2,250.00 - dated May 14, 1910

Cliff Stewart told us Mr. Strait built the house when he sold his farm.  Taking the grand list dates into consideration it looks as if the house was built during the summer of 1909



Researched By: Marian Chaffee w/Cliff's Help
Date: 09 December 1976