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Common Name: Old Grange Hall
Owner: Arthur & Louise Wold
Street Address: 1155 Main Street


Vermont Division for Historic Preservation Ref - 604_044_019

COMMON NAME: Old Grange Hall


30 x 60' clapboard structure.  1 1/2 story, 3 x 3 bay, stone foundation.  Gable end facing street, center entrance onto an open front porch with square post supports.  A second entrance is located right of the south facade.  Door surround has lip that is repeated in the window surrounds.  2/2 window, except in front where there is a 6-light window left of the entrance and a set of 6-light windows right.  A cinder block chimney has been attached to the south facade.  This plain structure was built sometime after 1871.


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01 Jun 1979

Fairfax Grange #525 to Arthur and Louise Wold...W.D........



11 Jan 1944<!-- Row 3 Column 1 -->

Town of Fairfax to Fairfax Grange #525...W.D........A certain lot of land with buildings thereon, formerly known as the Alfred Store............



18 Jun 1942<!-- Row 4 Column 1 -->

(Just Grange Information)

Town of Fairfax to Fairfax Grange #525......LEASE....That the party of the first part has let and does hereby LEASE AND DEMISE UNDER THE PARTY OF THE second part, the old town house, LOCATED IN THE VILLAGE OF Fairfax and on the westerly side of the main highway with the land connected thereto belonging to the town, for the term of five (5) years................

Lease Book 1


07 Mar 1938<!-- Row 5 Column 1 -->

Hicks Funeral Home, Inc. to the Town of Fairfax..W.D....a parcel of land with the buildings thereon, formerly known as the "Alfred Store" situated on the northerly side of the main street in the Village of Fairfax........



01 Jan 1938<!-- Row 6 Column 1 -->

Martin L. and Gladys B. Hicks to Hicks Funeral Home, Inc.....W.D....SAME AS ABOVE DESCRIPTION......



22 Apr 1922<!-- Row 7 Column 1 -->

C. C. Alfred to Martin L. and Gladys B. Hicks....W.D......a parcel of land together with the buildings thereon standing and known as the Alfred store.......



18 Jan 1888<!-- Row 8 Column 1 -->

J. B. and Emma M. Drew to C. C. Alfred....W.D.......a certain piece or parcel of land lying and being in Fairfax bounded and described as follows:  commencing on the highway leading or running through Fairfax Village at the southeast corner of I. Depatie's land.....(some dimensions given, but no building mentioned)..........




05 Jan 1888

Edwin L. and Almira R. Butts to J. B. Drew....Q.C.....same description as above.........

1888 TAX RECORDS lists C. C. Alfred as 1 poll @ $2 DREW - Value $25

1889 TAX RECORDS lists One-half interest in rink C. C. Alfred and J. B. Alfred - Total Value $400

C. C. Alfred - $25 Lot - $175 Rink J. B. Alfred $200 - Rink= $375 Skating Rink Value

I expect the rink was built the summer of 1888 as this tax record is dated May 1889.



Researched By: Marian D. Chaffee
Date: ????