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Common Name: Ed Paquin House
Owner: Ed & Patricia Paquin
Street Address: 1139 Main Street



Vermont Division for Historic Preservation Ref - 604_044_021

COMMON NAME: Ed & Pat Paquin House


Small 1 1/2 story, clapboarded structure on a concrete faced stone foundation, 3 x 2 bays (20 x 24').  Cornerboards, cornice returns, frieze.  The interior chimney, located on the north pitch, has been reworked.  Entrance:  Right, front gable end.  Simple door surround has a projecting cornice board with plain detail.  Window surrounds have lip moldings and frame 2/2 window (wide on first floor, long and narrow in gable).  This simple vernacular structure was owned by H. Weaver in 1857 and Miss Drew in 1871. 

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20 Oct 1982

Charles L. & Beverly T. Purrier to Edward H. and Patricia L. Paquin.W.D...A lot of land with the buildings thereon, located on the north side of Main Street......(lot is 125' x 130')



15 Feb 1968<!-- Row 3 Column 1 -->

Larry H. & Ruth J. Cota to Charles L. and Beverly T. Purrier...W.D..same description as above, just updated owners of bounding properties; and same lot size......



06 Oct 1966<!-- Row 4 Column 1 -->

Adolph J. & Katherine R. Hoben to Larry M. & Ruth J. Cota...W.D.....same description as above, adding.....being a portion of the land and premises..the grantees shall have the right to the use of a 3 foot strip of land along the westerly line of the Barker property as a means tro repair and/or paint the buildings on the property conveyed........



01 Jul 1958<!-- Row 5 Column 1 -->

Charles Lamson, Executor of Milfred H. Lamson....Adm. Deed.....all of the same lands and premises of which the late Mildred died seized in Fairfax......being an undivided one half interest.........



01 Jul 1958<!-- Row 6 Column 1 -->

Charles Lamson to Adolph J. & Katherine R. Hoben....W.D...Being an undivided one half interest deed to the said Lamson from the Florence W. Huntley estate......



08 Jun 1957<!-- Row 7 Column 1 -->

George Stuart, Administrator of Florence W. Huntley estate to Charles Lamson....Adm. Deed....a one half undivided interest in the estate of Florence W. Huntley conveyed by two separate warranty deeds as follows.........



13 Sep 1921<!-- Row 8 Column 1 -->

Armina A. Curley to George M. Huntley.......W.D...said place being what was known for years as the home place of said Armina Curley.lying on the easterly side of Main Street..and consisting of one-half acre, more or less, with house and out buildings thereon standing.........



02 Jul 1894

John B. Drew to Armina A. Curley...W.D...being the same lands and premises with dwelling house and out buildings thereon standing on which we now live.......



27 Aug 1874<!-- Row 10 Column 1 -->

Alma R. Drew to John B. Drew..W.D.a certain piece of land in Fairfax...being the same lands and premises deeded to me......



12 Nov 1868<!-- Row 11 Column 1 -->

Maria Drew to Alma R. Drew..W.D...being the same land and premises deeded to me.......



27 Oct 1865<!-- Row 12 Column 1 -->

Hiram and Mary Weaver to Maria Drew...W.D...being the same place deeded to Hiram Weaver and I. B. Warren........



29 May 1849<!-- Row 13 Column 1 -->

Henry Stearns to Hiram Weaver and I. B. Warren..W.D..a certain piece or parcel of land lying and being in the town of Fairfax and described as follows:  bounded southerly by the highway leading from FARNSWORTH TAVERN TO BRUSH' TAVERN, westerly by S. D. Alfred's land and easterly and northerly by H. E. Hubbell's land and is the same now occupied by me......



02 Jul 1844<!-- Row 14 Column 1 -->

H. E. Hubbell to Henry Stearns...a certain piece of land in Fairfax bounded as follows:  Beginning at a stake standing in the northeasterly line of the highway leading from my office to L. H. Potter's store so as to make a line run six feet northeasterly of an elm tree standing near the line of said highway.meaning hereby to convey exactly half an acre.........

This house is marked on the 1857 H. F. Walling map of Franklin and Grand Isle Counties as H. Weaver.



Researched By: Marian D. Chaffee
Date: February 17, 1983