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Common Name: Clip & Rena Stewart House
Owner: John & Susan Mitchell
Street Address: 1135 Main Street


Vermont Division for Historic Preservation Ref - 604_044_023

COMMON NAME: Old Hubble House



 2-story, 5 x 2 (36 x 24') clapboard structure with an ell on the east side.  Stone foundation, asphalt shingle-covered gable roof.  Interior chimney in rear (east) pitch is replacement.  Corner pilasters rise to entablature.  Box cornice with returns on gable ends.  Central, eaves front entrance:  Square pilasters frame the recessed doorway and carry a ful entablature.  The 4-panel door has 2/3 sidelights above panels.  The entrance enters onto a late 19th c. hip-roofed entrance porch w/turned posts w/brackets.  Windows are original 6/6 in plain lip molded surrounds.  The one story, 1 x 2 ell, is early, of not original.  It is clapboarded and has a metal covered roof and new interior end chimney.  At the interface of the main block and ell there is a dormer.  A woodshed wing, off of the ell, has a wide bay arched entrance w/an incised keystone.  This vernacular Greek Revival structure was built by H. C. Hubble.  There are two outbuildings:  1.  1 1/2-story, gable-roofed horse barn w/novelty and clapboard siding.  2.  1 1/2-story, 2-bay carriage house w/clapboard siding.

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09 Apr 1980

W.D.......F. Clifford Stewart to John I. And Susan T. Mitchell.....Being the Hubbell place, Fairfax Village, consisting of six acres of land, more or less, with the buildings thereon and a second parcel adjoining thereto consisting of four acres, more or less, and known as the Fancher Place.....The grantor herein, hereby reserves unto himself the use in common with the grantees herein, their heirs and assigns, of the premises herein conveyed for the remainder of his natural life.......



20 Jul 1929<!-- Row 3 Column 1 -->

Bessie S. Cosgriff et als to F. C. Stewart..Q.C....Deed.....Probate decree Book 26, pages 233 and 441.....Estate of W. D. Stewart..viz:  Being the Hubbell place so-called in Fairfax Village consisting of 6 acres of land more or less with buildings thereon that was owned and occupied by W. D. Stewart in his lifetime and for a homestead in said Fairfax....



12 Apr 1904<!-- Row 4 Column 1 -->

H. B. Hubbell to W. D. Stewart.W.D.......Being 3 acres of land be the same more or less together with the buildings thereon consisting of a house, barn, shed and outer buildings and known and called the Hubbell Place....



27 Aug 1901<!-- Row 5 Column 1 -->

George A. & Jane E. Hubbell to H. B. Hubbell.W.D...Viz:  our home place on which we now live lying and being on the easterly side of Main Street....



26 Jan 1889<!-- Row 6 Column 1 -->

Henry G. Edson to Jane E. Hubbell..Q.C...the same premises deed to me by Homer E. Hubbell on the 26th day of December 1883...........



26 Dec 1883<!-- Row 7 Column 1 -->

Homer E. Hubbell to Henry G. Edson.Q.C....being my home place where I now live containing three acres of land......



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From here we went to the tax records for the years 1844-1845

1844 reads:  Homer E. Hubbell:  45 Acres of land - Total Value  $1,149.20

1845 (Dec.) reads:  Homer E. Hubbell:  45 Acres of land - value $1.149.20 - New House - Value $300  Total value of all Real Estate:  $1,449.20


This house is also shown on the Fairfax map of 1857 which hangs in the Fairfax Historical Society Museum



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