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Common Name: Laura Miner/Koch House
Owner: Annette Koch
Street Address: 1133 Main Street

Vermont Division for Historic Preservation Ref - 604_044_024



2-story, 3 x 2 (20 x 32') structure w/c. 1940 ell added to south facade.  Greek Revival, temple form.  Corner pilasters carry an entablature that continues at front gable end to form a pediment.  Rear gable end has cornice returns.  Sheathed in wide clapboards w/a slate roof.  Concrete block foundation.  The right gable end entrance has a monumental appearance.  Wide square pilasters carry a full entablature.  Paneled reveals.  Full-length sidelights.  Windows are 2/2 in plain surround w/louvred shutters.  The ell is one story and has a center, front (west) eaves side entrance that enters onto a porch with 3 square paneled posts.  There is also a garage wing attached to the east facade of the main block in c. 1930.  One story, novelty siding, slate-covered gable roof.  A house, owned by G. W. Farrar existed at this location in 1857.  The present house has the date 1868 inscribed in plaster in the attic.

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16 Jun 1976

Stephanette Potvin to Carl and Annette Koch....W.D......Being a parcel of land together with the buildings thereon located on the northeasterly side of Main Street in the said Village of Fairfax............



28 Jun 1973<!-- Row 3 Column 1 -->

Orman B. & Ivy W. Ovitt to Philip and Stephanette Potvin.W.D....Being a parcel of land together with buildings thereon standing..........



25 Aug 1971<!-- Row 4 Column 1 -->

Rev. F. A. Hickey Executor of Estate of Lora L. Minor to Orman and Ivy Ovitt..Exec. Deed...Same description as above....



07 Nov 1958<!-- Row 5 Column 1 -->

John Moore to Lora L. Minor.W.D..same description consisting of 2 separate parcels as follows..Parcel #1 Being the so called "Charles Brush Place" located on the easterly side of Main Street.......



11 Sep 1952<!-- Row 6 Column 1 -->

F. A. Start, Administrator of Ida Montague Estate to John R. and Doris R. Moore......ADM...DEED.......Being the "Charles Brush Place" so called......



03 Mar 1934<!-- Row 7 Column 1 -->

G. Max and Sybil A. Wilson to Ida Montague.W.D....Being the "Charles Brush Place" so called........




27 Oct 1931<!-- Row 8 Column 1 -->

R. C. Williamson and Beatrice Williamson to G. Max and Sybil A. Wilson...W.D...Being the "Charles Brush Place" so called.......



25 Sep 1930

G. H. Lawton to Beatrice M. Williamson.Q.C..the premises hereby conveyed being those now occupied by the said R. C. and Beatrice Williamson as a home and known as the Charles Brush Place.  This deed given for the purpose of changing title and is not a sale..........



17 Feb 1930<!-- Row 10 Column 1 -->

Beatrice M. Williamson to G. H. Lawton..Q.C..........



04 May 1929<!-- Row 11 Column 1 -->

Charlotte S. Brush et als to R. C. and Beatrice Williamson......formerly the home place of Charles Brush........Charles H. Brush, grandfather of Charlotte died June 6, 1923.  Charles' wife was Louela Marvin Brush.....



17 Mar 1902<!-- Row 12 Column 1 -->

Mabel S. and Timothy Samuel Austin to Charles H. Brush..W.D....Bounded southeasterly by the line of Main Street, Northwesterly by lands owned by Mrs. Jane Hubbell, Northeasterly by Mill Brook at highwater mark and southeasterly by said brook at highwater mark and lands owned by Mrs. Hattie M. Howard..........



09 Apr 1885<!-- Row 13 Column 1 -->

Mary Ann Weaver to Samuel and Mabel L. Austin.W.D....Being all and the same lands and premises with buildings thereon standing which I obtained through a decree of court...........



Sep 1878<!-- Row 14 Column 1 -->

Mary Ann Weaver vs Henry Stearns..Decree of Chancery........




<!-- Row 15 Column 1 -->03 Jun 1872<!-- Row 15 Column 2 -->

Hiram and Mary Ann Weaver to Henry Stearns..W.D...Bounded northwesterly by Homer E. Hubbell..thence on the line of the highway to said Hubbell's land, it being our homestead where we now live.......

Can't seem to trace it clearly any farther back.  However a deed in book 12, page 360 dated May 29, 1849 may be the same place.  Henry Stearns to H. Weaver and I. B. Warren.

Hiram Weaver first appears on the tax records in 1850 with 2 acres and buildings.<!-- Row 15 Column 3 -->

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Researched By: Marian Chaffee/Cliff Stewart
Date: May 1975