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Common Name: Chandler/Shores House
Owner: Richard N. Shores, Jr.
Street Address: 1108 Main Street



Vermont Division for Historic Preservation Ref - 604_044_041

COMMON NAME: Chandler House


1 1/2 Story, 3 x 2 temple form.  Greek Revival style.  Sheathed in weatherboards.  Stone foundation.  Asphalt shingle-covered roof.  Box cornice w/returns at gable ends.  Corner pilasters rise to frieze.  Front (east) and rear (west) exterior chimneys.  The entrance, located on the right side of the front gable end, is small but has bold ornament.  Square pilasters carry a full entablature above a 4-panel door, recessed 6".  1/1 windows are new but set in original surrounds w/lip moldings.  There are two gable dormers in south pitch.  There is a one-story ell on the north side that has an open porch in front (built in 1974 to replace an earlier Queen Anne porch) and a second ell extending west which has a cellar story.  Ells have been remodelled.


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24 Sep 1982

Morton B. Chandler to Richard N. Shores, Jr.....W.D....a lot of land consisting of one acre, more or less, with dwelling house thereon, situated on the westerly side of the main highway leading from the center of Fairfax village to Cambridge and Westford.....(the barn that once stood on this property was moved over to Maple Street and now stands on the property owned by Beatrice Cherrier (MDC))



25 Apr 1957<!-- Row 3 Column 1 -->

Rupert R. King, Adm. Estate of Jennie B. King..Administrator's Deed to Morton B. Chandler...A lot of land consisting of one acre more or less with dwelling house thereon, situated on the westerly side of the main highway leading from the center of Fairfax Village to Cambridge and Westford



07 Sep 1918<!-- Row 5 Column 1 -->

W. S. and Anna White to Jennie B. King..W.D...Our home place on which we now live, lying and being on the westerly side of the highway leading from Fairfax Village to Burlington, known as and called Bridge Street...........



19 Dec 1912<!-- Row 6 Column 1 -->

Merton S. Shedd to Wilmer S. White...W.D...Lying and being on the westerly side of the highway running from Fairfax Village to Burlington..on the south by lands owned and occupied by Jennie B. King



03 July 1900<!-- Row 7 Column 1 -->

George Minor to J. D. and Merton E. Shedd.W.D..The place known as the Butts Place lying and being on the westerly side of Bridge Street so-called...



22 Oct 1897<!-- Row 8 Column 1 -->

P. H. Ryan to George Minor.W.D...Lying and being on Bridge Street (so-called) in Fairfax Village and being all and the same lands and premises deeded to...with a house, office and barns thereon standing......



28 Aug 1889

H. Butts Estate to P. H. Ryan..ADMINISTRATOR'S DEED...The house and land with outbuildings thereon standing containing about one half acre of land.....



15 Mar 1874<!-- Row 10 Column 1 -->

Montpelier Savings Bank and Trust Co. to Harvey Butts..W.D....Being the house and lot, dwelling house and outbuildings thereon..said house and lot is estimated to contain one half acre of land, more or less........



04 May 1872<!-- Row 11 Column 1 -->

Charles C. Cady to Murray Buck....W.D.




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