Date of search - Aug 09, 1976 Dalton & Grace Machia House
Marc & Linda Brunelle
2 Hunt Street


Vermont Division for Historic Preservation - 604_044_068

COMMON NAME: Dalton & Grace Machia House Built 1840
(Our Research Goes Back To 1867)


3-story, 3 x 5 bay, Greek Revival brick building w/gable and facing north (Hunt Street). Built into the hill with two stories on Hunt Street and three stories on Main Street. A two-story ell with clapboards and novelty siding extendswest and connects w/the barn. It has a porch on south side and new window openings. Main building has veneer brick, slate roof, molded cornice returns and the interior end chimneys. There are a few settlement fractures and new brick on the northeast corner. Two entrances: one on east eaves side is centrally located and has double doors w/a flat arch above. The other entrance is on the right side of the north gable end. Fluted corner pilasters frame the recessed entrance which has 2/3-length sidelights and attenuated paneled pilasters that carry a partial entablature w/line dentils. There is a hip entrance porch on front that has turned posts, valance, and railing.


20 August 1959 Fay S. and Helen Gray Marvin to Dalton and Grace Machia....W.D. Being a parcel or lot of land containing 3/4 acres, more or less, with the house and barn thereon, located at the corner of Main and Hunt Streets in Said Village of Fairfax 37 258
23 December 1946 Louise A. and Walter E. Shedd to Helen S. Gray...W.D......Same description as above............. 34 134
09 October 1924 Arthur A. Beeman, Administrator to Estate of A. B. Beeman to Merton E. and Louise A. Shedd....Administrator's deed....The home place of the said Adelbert B. Beeman, lying and being on the highway known as Main Street, bounded easterly by Main Street, westerly by the highway known as Hunt Street....and being a three cornered piece of land containing 3/4 of an acre of land, more or less..... 33 103
09 November 1882 Charles H. Pino to A. B. Beeman....W.D.....being the same land and premises deeded to me....bounded on the northeasterly by Main Street, on the northwesterly by Hunt Street....containing about three fourths acre of land more or less.... 19 158
01 November 1880 Benjamin C. and Ann E. Alfred to Charles H. Pino....W. D....Our homestead and place where we now live....containing about three fourths acre of land, more or less, with a brick house, and barn thereon standing.... 20 146
02 July 1850 Hiram Bellows to Benjamin C. Alfred...W.D....about a quarter of an acre of land near Rueben Dud_______Hotel bounded southerly by S. B. Hunt and easterly, Northly and westerly by the highway with the old store and shop standing thereon.... 12 527
25 November 1867 S. B. Hunt to B. C. Alfred......W.D......Beginning at a stone at the southwest corner of B. C. Alfred's lot running thence southerly on the line of the highway leading from E. Chellis to the river by S. B. Hunts house seven rods to a stone marked H thence easterly to a stone standing on the line of the highway leading from E. Chellises to Cambridge, thence northly on the line of the highway six rods and nine feet to a stone at the northeast corner of B. C. Alfred's lot, thence westerly to the place of beginning the same containing about one third of an acre, more or less.....

Tax records of 1853 read:

One quarter acre and buildings - $600.00 but no actual mention of a brick house anywhere
17 439