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Common Name: Clayton & Ann Marie Carl
Owner: Clayton & Ann Marie Carl
Street Address: 231 Buck Hollow Road


Vermont Division for Historic Preservation Ref - 604_044_XXX
(This House Not Done)

COMMON NAME: Clayton Carl House
(Not done by the Vermont Division for Historic Preservation)



05 September 1961 W.D..Philip F. & Theresa Parah to Clayton M. Jr., & Ann Marie Carl...Being a lot of land with the house and tool shed thereon, the land consisting of about 10 acres, more or less...... 38 85
01 May 1964 W.D........Philip F. & Theresa M. Parah to Clayton M. Jr. & Ann Mare Carl..A lot of land containing 115 acres more or virtue of this deed the Carls now own 125 acres, more or less.......... 39 3
28 August 1950 W.D......Andrew Dewey Buck to Philip F. & Theresa M. Parah...a farm containing 102 acres of land, more or less, together with the buildings thereon situate on both sides of the highway leading into Buck Hollow...also another parcel containing 59 acres of land.......... 35 166
03 April 1950 Ralph H. Buck to Cordelia St. Jock 35 106
03 April 1950 W.D.....Cordelia St. Jock to Andrew Dewey Buck or Ralph Buck.....Certain pieces of land containing 160 acres, more or less, with the buildings thereon...Parcel 1, 79 acres more or less...Parcel 4, 50 acres of pasture land more or less...Parcel 5, containing 7 acres and 106 rods of land more or less............ 35 107
22 December 1913 W.D....Sappho M. Hunt to Ralph H. Buck & wife....the following described land and premises, upon which the grantor herein now lives, together with 79 acres more or less...... 26 336
21 June 1928 Decree of Distribution..Estate of Frederick S. Hunt to Sappho M. Hunt...a certain farm of land with buildings thereon....... 26 219
29 September 1891 W.D...Mahala Hunt to Frederick S. Hunt....a certain piece of land in Fairfax described as follows: about 69 acres of land, more or less, being the home farm of the late Heman Hunt.....$2,200....(All Mahala's children joined in giving this warranty deed to Fred.) 22 481
06 April 1855 Osias, Charlotte and Rhoda Story to Heman Hunt..Being the same land and buildings that S. Safford..supposed to contain 50 acres more or less, also one other strip of land..supposed to contain 17 acres and 46 square rods of ground........ 14 359
04 April 1851 Silas Safford to Osias Story....A certain piece of land...containing 50 acres more or less......

Tax records of 1851 - Osias Story - 50 acres valued at $500
Tax Records of 1852 - Osias Story - 67 acres valued at $600
Tax Records of 1853 - Osias Story - Same as above
Tax Records of 1854 - Osias Story - Same as above
Tax Records of 1855 - Osias Story - Same as above
Tax Records of 1856 - Now belongs to Heman Hunt
Each year his tax records are so different I have lost contact. Some years buildings are mentioned, the next omitted. Acreage all split up some years, the next all one or two entries.

Buildings never mentioned in Osias Story's tax records, yet we know they were there at least as early as April 1855.

Harry Hunt of St. Albans tells me his grandfather died in this house.
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