Date of search - March 9, 1977

Common Name: Eliza Woodworth House
Owner: Lloyd & Gyneth Bevins
Street Address: 4 Boissoneault Road

Vermont Division for Historic Preservation Ref - 604_(No Information)

COMMON NAME: Eliza Woodworth House



27 October 1948 Florence Parsons to Lucius O. and Eliza A. Woodworth..W.D....About one acre of land more or less, with dwelling house and barn thereon standing, lying and being on the westerly side of the highway known as Mill Street in the village of Fairfax and known as the George Minor Place and bounded as follows: northerly by lands of Agnes Drinkwine; easterly by said Mill Street; southerly by land now or formerly owned by George and Hazel Cherrier and westerly by Parmlee Brook....... 34 422
09 April 1942 Herbert C. Bellows, Administrator of Estate of Nina Ballard to Florence Parsons...Administrators Deed....Same description as above.......... 32 461
13 September 1922 Charles W. and Margaret Cross to Arthur B. and Nina Ballard...W.D.....Bounded on the northerly by lands of George Drinkwine; on the easterly by said Mill Street; southerly by lands owned by Edwin Parris and westerly by the Parmlee Brook....... 29 47
28 August 1920 Guy L. Butler to Charles W. and Margaret Cross.....W.D.......Same description except bounded southerly by lands owned by George Cherrier...... 27 541
31 May 1920 Harry H. Minor to Guy L. Butler..W.D.......Same description as above........ 27 523
31 May 1920 Quit Claim - Julia and Amelia Minor to Harry H. Minor..... 27 522
02 August 1919 Quit Claim - George Minor to Harry H. home place lying on the westerly side of Mill Street in Fairfax Village and being bounded on the north by land of John Dolan; on the east by Mill Street so-called, on the south by land of Lewis Sheltra and on the west by the Parmlee Brook, so-called..... 27 432
13 September 1915 George Minor to Julie, Harry and Amelia Minor...Same description as above..... 26 535
26 December 1902 Persis A. Ballard to George Minor...W.D.....A house and lot on Mill Street, so-called in Fairfax Village. Bounded on the northerly by lands owned and occupied by Jennie A. Dolan, on the easterly by the highway known as Mill Street, on the southerly by a lot owned by Brank B. Hunt and on the westerly by the Mill or Parmlee Brook....Being all and the same premises.... 24 4
03 October 1902 Palmer Hunt and Frank Bunker Hunt to Persis A. Ballard..W.D.......Being all and the same lands deeded....It is 198 feet from Dolans corner to the corner of the lot of Frank B. Hunt place on the highway....... 23 548
03 October 1902 Candis Hunt Estate to Palmer Hunt....Decree of Distribution.House and lot owned by said testatrix at the time her decease apprised at $500.00....(Frank Bunker Hunt was her son) 23 547
30 August 1898 Abbie A. Boyce to Candis Hunt...W.D...Our home place on which we now live, being the same deeded....... 22 166
02 July 1895 E. S. Butler to Abbie A. Boyce...W.D....The place where she now lives, being the same land and premises..bounded northerly by lands owned and occupied by John and Jennie Dolan, easterly by the highway known as Mill Street in Fairfax Village, southerly by lands owned by Susan B. Sowles and westerly by Mill or Parmlee Brook so-called containing about 3/4 acres of land with a house and barn thereon standing. Reserving therefrom the chimney in the barn with the rights to take the same down and move away.... 22 114
18 December 1868 Edward H. Hill to Ezra S. Butler.....W.D.....About one fourth of an acre, be the same more or less, on which there is a dwelling house and barn supposed to be on said land being the same premises where Ebenezer W. Hill resided with his family at the time he enlisted in the army; and being the same land and premises...... 18 19
23 January 1866 Orion W. Butler to E. S. Butler in Trust....Deed Of Trust....Same description as above..upon trust and confidence to receive the rents and the provits of the said premises for the benefit of Clemma E. Hill and her son E. H. Hill both of Fairfax...The said Hills paid me $500.00 for the aforeside described premises......(From here on I've lost it) 18 18


Researched By: Marion Chaffee - March 9, 1977